Exploration & Discovery / by Jonathan Centeno

Exploration 58” dia. circle  Acrylic on wood panel

Exploration 58” dia. circle Acrylic on wood panel

Discovery 58” dia circle. Acrylic on wood panel

Discovery 58” dia circle. Acrylic on wood panel

Exploration and Discovery are the two circular pieces currently receiving much attention.  True, the circle seems to be all the rage today as a preferred shape, and spheres can be seen as part of, or central to art installations in many exhibitions.

My decision to fill the circles with simple, fragmented patterns came as a result of where my mind always goes when confronted by the wonderful circle: globe, universe, exploration, discovery, and archaeology.  I have worked within the framework of the circle many times, and always, I tend to feel the allure of new boundaries, and no boundaries.  

For Exploration and Discovery, I went back to the fragments of pottery excavated and displayed in the museums of Athens, Rome, Madrid, London, Sicily and Crete.  The worn finishes from frescoes in Iraklion and Pompeii. These seemingly simple patterns can be found around the globe.  The simple geometry acts as a universal visual language, like music for the eyes.  These patterns link us more than we might give them credit for.  They can be found anywhere: On clothing, on utensils, as architectural motifs in government buildings or wooden huts- in temples, cathedrals or primitive worship circles.  They randomly appear, and practically everywhere on the planet, in every culture, in some form or another.  Humans have been discovering and re-discovering these patterns as if they all were mandalas.  Universal visual truths perhaps.  Perhaps they tell us more about our similarities than our differences. 

Wherever you go- there you are. 

Exploration and Discovery, 58" diameter acrylic on wood panel 2019