Woodstock 50: Unearthed / by Jonathan Centeno

Woodstock 50 : Unearthed 60” x 48” acrylic and mixed media on wood panel.

Woodstock 50 : Unearthed 60” x 48” acrylic and mixed media on wood panel.

I was fourteen years old and could only salivate after the thought of what had transpired in the summer of '69.  

An entire generation was going to the moon.


Everywhere was a song and a celebration.

The jet bombers turned into butterflies.

We were stardust.  We were Golden.

Was that it?  Was that our School of Athens moment? Was that truly the dawn of a new age?


Today, the only line that seems to ring true is credited to the WHO: .......same as the old boss.  We did get fooled again, and again.

I painted " Woodstock 50: Unearthed " as an archaeological fragment, a slightly worn out figment of my imagination dug out of the fondest rose-coloured memories of a youth who waited in the wings, watched longingly from the sidelines.  Too young and Catholic to truly participate, but old enough to know what was going on.  Fifty years on, I wouldn't trade my vantage point for the world.  I gave it a passing thought that summer-how could I possibly get there, and how much would it cost? 

But I had to work.

 At my grandfather's grocery store.

Didn't stop me from dreaming about it, though.

Plus it was in New York.

Oh well....

My dream will have to do.

"Woodstock 50: Unearthed" , mixed media on wood, 48"x60" by Pietro Adamo.

Enjoy responsibly.