60’s Mona / by Jonathan Centeno


Did it really happen? The SIXTIES. That time, that decade, that Generation. Talkin' bout my Generation. 

We did go to the moon, didn't we?  Or did we? Did we really wear bell-bottomed elephant pants in purple, pink, orange and turquoise?

Every epoch has its Mona Lisa.  Twiggy was ours.  No, it wasn't Marilyn or Raquel or some voluptuous goddess. 

It was all in her.  In Twiggy we see the whole notion of that period.   The emergence of a new consciousness which has since faded somewhat as the generation that questioned authority and the status quo eventually seized it and became "the new boss"- same as the old boss.  The generation that questioned and demanded answers eventually settled into its lazy boy chair for life.

Today, those who question and demand answers are often regarded as "conspiracy theorists".  We seem to have to sift through more truths than at any time in history.

Today we have the internet.  Omnipotence.  Big brother. Super Bowl commercials. Huawei. Massage Lazy Boy chairs.

Maybe the Sixties required some form of innocence in order for the revolution to happen.  Or did it?  The current generation, through no fault of its own seems to have been lulled to sleep.  Death by smartphone.

Careful.  We might wake them up.

Let me ponder that notion while I sit back in my massage "Chaise Lounge". 

"Sixties Mona" acrylic on wood panel, 48x40