"The One That Got Away" / by Jonathan Centeno

"The One That Got Away" 40"x48" mixed media on wood panel

"The One That Got Away" 40"x48" mixed media on wood panel

The process that leads to an image is much the same as the journey and the destination.  The struggle that is ART does not accept the benign futility that is the hallmark of the formulaic.  It demands its pound of flesh.  It requires a measure of courage.  

The final image does not necessarily reveal all of the shining moments of triumph and despair in the creative process. Every painter has heard the mantra: "Make it pretty, make it look this way, make it in my colours"  ( I have come across many people who do not want to "think"...they wish not to ponder the piece.)  So what's the living for, then?  

Which brings me to the piece: "The One That Got Away" .  Some dude on a bike with a 'Stang in the background.  Is that a leather bomber? Is that a landscape in the background? Is the bike in the grass?  Is it taken from one of his movies?  Do I know this guy?  Are those little pictures of him over and over again?  Why are there drips?  Is it finished?  Can I take a pic with my phone?


Are we there yet???

You get my drift.


"The One That Got Away", 40x48 acrylic on wood