Oratory / by Jonathan Centeno

"Oratory" 60" x 84" Acrylic and mixed media on canvas

"Oratory" 60" x 84" Acrylic and mixed media on canvas

I sometimes visit Montreal for the purpose of meetings or appointments regarding my work.  They often last a couple of hours or so.  On this occasion, I was pleased to personally deliver a piece to a client in Westmount, no too far from one of my favourite places in the city, L'Oratoire S. Joseph.  

Erica and I have made it a point to stop, however briefly, and enjoy the peace and quiet within the dome.  

There are always people, of all creeds and races; religious or simply curious.  Candles being lit, prayers being said, or simply;  life being contemplated.  

It is a special place, the Oratory. Gratitude seems to inhabit the dome. On this occasion, the feeling accompanied me to my studio.


Post-Matrix Series: "Oratory", 60x84, acrylic on canvas