Key to the 6ix / by Jonathan Centeno

Key to the Six 40" x 48" mixed media on wood panel

Key to the Six 40" x 48" mixed media on wood panel

He patiently awaits the dramatic free throw from the sideline.  He wouldn't have to be here.  Watching a basketball game.  It's minus 10 outside.  He could be anywhere.  Those legendary good deeds out of the studio are the stuff of urban lore.  We  watched him grow up before our very eyes on the seemingly immortal DeGrassi.   His art will continue to be the source of inspiration for upcoming generations.

I enjoy his music as many of us do.  But like all good art, it sometimes can be polarizing.  I suppose I can be forgiven for rooting for someone who represents T.O. so well, with absolute conviction.   The defiant confidence in his pose speaks of a city that has come of age in part due to his efforts.  

Hogtown, The Big Smoke, T.O., have all become synonymous with The Six.

"Key to the Six"  40X48 acrylic on wood panel, Contact Erica for more information.