Up Close and Personal / by Jonathan Centeno


And so it ends.  And so it begins.

Two days after what turned out to be the most important show of my career to date, the social media buzz is still going. Go figure.  A light-hearted approach to a show meant to entertain and be a part of the "ticket" became the show in which I actually witnessed people truly engaged in looking and discussing- actually taking in and digesting- the art.  My art. Their art. They looked, they read and they even touched- ART. The space is so, so cool.

As the HanStone Soiree ended on Thursday evening, I was hearing the final note of A Day In The Life in my head.  As the sun rose this morning, the Verve's Lucky man was playing.  Humbled.  Honoured.  Entrusted.  Fire in my hands.

The Horizon seems far away this morning.  Keep swimming, I tell myself.  You'll never get there.

Ahh...but the journey...the sweet journey.

A journey fuelled by love.  Friends and family. Laughter. Sorry, no stories of angst and anguish here (although if we really wanted to dig deep...).  

I got this from many people at the show: "It's all positive, uplifting, and still so interesting..."


Alrighty then, it may have been just the atmosphere and the wonderful music or maybe my uncle's fabulous wine.

But if that's my mandate, I'll take it.  Engaging people, making them feel positive...there have been worse fates.

The art of my past, my present and my future got together for one evening and left me alone at the crossroads with a single direction.

Deepest gratitude to all those involved.