New Atlantis (Hanstone Collection) / by Jonathan Centeno

New Atlantis 6’ circular panel Acrylic and mixed media on panel

New Atlantis 6’ circular panel Acrylic and mixed media on panel

It's just cool to paint on a circular panel or canvas.  It's even cooler when the circular panel is part of the statement.

New Atlantis (6' circular panel, acrylic on wood, 2018, HanStone collection, Vaughan, Ontario) was meant to be painted on a circle, with subtle use of colour to create the suggestion of a sphere or globe.  My view of the scope of HanStone's enterprise grew clear as I researched the company, its product and the attitude of its staff.  I knew the piece would be there to reflect a time-honoured tradition of international cooperation in enterprise.  It would have to speak of quality, of the past, present and future.  It would have to somehow indicate the modern pace, but with roots in the global visions of the early explorers.  It would have to, after all was said and done, still be an Adamo.   

As I overheard business dealings going on in the beautiful showroom via portable device and at a seemingly calm pace, I realised I had stumbled into the future of enterprise (all this without eavesdropping, I swear).  

Confidently and calmly, these young Hanstonians were communicating with the world and trade was happening.  Exchanges of all kinds.  In an instant, material quarried and refined in Canada could be allocated to practically any destination on earth.  

I was transported back to my childhood and to my library books of choice :"They Put Out To Sea", "The Golden Hind" and "Explorers".  I was quickly engulfed by the notion that there could still be a romantic and noble side to the idea of global enterprise and collaboration.  The piece, then, would have to cause one to pause and reflect, and perhaps discover something new in it every day.  A reminder of the brighter, bigger picture, and of how cool it is to be part of it.  It would have to be as polished and beautiful as the quartz itself, and quietly command attention unto itself.  It would have to inspire confidence. It would look to the future without compromising the present or revising the past.  And since a picture is worth a thousand words, it would have to be a work of art.

New Atlantis, 6' diameter circular wood panel, mixed media, acrylic pouring medium, 2018 by Pietro Adamo

Dedicated to all who still aspire to building a better world.

Many thanks to HanStone