Giardini commissions bring colour to Thanksgiving / by Jonathan Centeno

Pensiero Bello   54” x 54” Acrylic and mixed media on canvas

Pensiero Bello 54” x 54” Acrylic and mixed media on canvas

Talk about a week of Gratitude!  

I had the great pleasure of delivering two Giardini which were commissioned by two wonderful couples.  In both cases, the Giardini were gifted to each other, and were agreed upon by both partners as art that they both respected, admired and desired.  

Nuova Gloria 36” x 72” Acrylic and mixed media on canvas

Nuova Gloria 36” x 72” Acrylic and mixed media on canvas

Talk about humbling.  One couple is here in Toronto while the other resides in Montreal.  You could say they are in comparative areas, and although they had slightly different décor- both homes seemed to resonate with tranquility, and confidence. 

Collectors of Giardini love their pieces. It's quite something to bear witness to the reactions. It has become an important component, like the moment I place a mark on a blank canvas.  Anticipation and nervousness are intrinsic to both events- heaven forbid should the stress disappear- it would be the end of the creative journey, I think. 

 I carefully explained to one of the them that Giardini were not a study in landscape, or a lesson in botany- I cannot tell a geranium from a hibiscus- Giardini are the product of my imagination.  Intensely personal.

As they unwrapped the pieces to their delight, I too, after seeing them lifted to the wall space provided for them, thought to myself: "Gee, this painter must be in a pretty good headspace"  

Someone once pointed out to me that it would be impossibly difficult to part with paintings because they are like your children.  

Okay, I get it.  But children do have to leave the nest sooner or later, and it's nice to know they've found a good home.

To the two families which will be celebrating this Thanksgiving as owners of Giardini: Erica and I wish you the very best, and may the pieces always bring you to a happy place whenever you take time out in your day to simply escape.

And so evening fell as we left Pensiero Bello in the beautiful East Toronto home.  We were wowed by the dignity and class of the people we just met.

 Two mornings later, in beautiful West Montreal, we experienced the same feelings as we left Nuova Gloria in its new home. We were having dinner in Ottawa later that evening when we received a timely text stating that they couldn't take their eyes away from the art.  

Just before the sun set on a serene autumn evening, Erica noticed a wall of colour formed by the trees on the banks of the Rideau: "Look at that, it's as if you left a Giardini out there"

Happy Thanksgiving.  May we all count our Blessings.