Rebirth of Venus / by Jonathan Centeno

rebirth of venus 2.jpg

Standards of beauty change from century to century, or  from generation to generation.  In this era, they seem to change with each passing tweet.  Nonetheless, we can gaze into the past and catch a glimpse of what an ideal Renaissance standard might be in Botticelli's Venus.  Appropriating such a piece means treating it with the respect it deserves, and so the one and only Marylin could ever possibly grace the Rebirth of Venus.

She seems comfortable and at home in the midst of the classical figures by Botticelli. Picked out of a series of black and white stills, she seems to usher in her justifiable technicolour debut which should come into focus any second now. Or maybe never.

No, there is no graffiti.   No Mickey Mouse.  No Einsteins holding up Love is the Answer placards. Ah, but of course, there is a bird!  It's springtime. Rebirth. Of course!  "I've got sunshine...and the month of May" girl...of course!!!

RELAX.  It's a painting.  Just a painting.  Make of it what you will. 

But it is the month of May, and if you are in town (Yorkville) and wish to witness the Rebirth of Venus, do visit the Hazelton Gallery.

….I guess you'd say, what can make me feel this way...

Rebirth of Venus, 48x60 acrylic on wood panel, Hazelton Gallery, Toronto