The Stars in my Studio: A Special delivery in this time of Easter and Passover / by Jonathan Centeno

museum image-commission.jpg

What are we made of? What comprises us?  We are at once sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, partners, friends, mothers, fathers, nephews, nieces, aunts and uncles.  A universe in each and every one of us.  In each and every one of us a unique perspective. No two are alike. Not even twins.  


Some science suggests that we could be nothing more than part of a matrix, a simulation, and that the truth can be found in mathematics.  Math is a man-made concept, is it not? 

Our inherent arrogance leads us to believe that we can eventually get to the bottom of it all.

Do we truly want to arrive at the nothingness that is the all-knowing, collective everything?

We are comprised of the encapsulated moments that give our lives meaning.  Meaning, significance, spirituality: perhaps they are losing steam as science marches on and attempts to replace them with pragmatism.  

I would beg to differ. I admit to not being able to wrap my head around some of the latest discoveries, and that the notion of earth itself being but a grain of sand in the universe freaks me out. 

Why then, does it all seem to become clear and make perfect sense when I stare into my grandson's Aegean blue eyes?


Today I delivered a piece which is not about ego (mine or the subject's) or any kind of narcissism.  Rather, it is entirely about Gratitude.  It speaks of family pride and love, and of the special moments which comprise a unique life. A one-of-a-kind, never again, forever and -a-day special, meaningful gift of a life.   

We should take a moment each day to remember that there's a place where there's no space or time.

A special thanks to Andrea at ADM Design Inc. for making it all happen.