Cordoba / by Jonathan Centeno

cordoba - sample.jpg

I have the peculiar habit of allowing my kids to "borrow" my paintings.  The pieces are safely kept on the walls of their lovely abodes, and no doubt they have become the focus of many a conversation.  Some of their favorite "masterpieces" have acquired, I'm told; "squatter's rights" simply by being in place for so long.  So good luck, Mr. Adamo in retrieving them any time soon.  After all, "Pa"and Nonno now, there's no room in your studio!  Our daughter and our son have been constantly surrounded by art, and have a deep-rooted appreciation for it even though their careers are not entirely art-related. ( Their spouses have ingested the "art bug" by default, it seems).  They have become, I must say, respected, upstanding members of society and very proficient at what they have chosen to do.    I told them they could still rebel if they want to EVEN IN THEIR LATE TWENTIES!  Not in the cards.  Thank God for their mother. 

Sitting in the family room of my son's home, I stare at Cordoba, a painting which was completed during a period of time when our children came of age, so to speak.  I painted it at the request of the late Harvey Kaleff, a wonderful man who ran a company called Brushstrokes which held a patent on a process for textured reproductions of paintings.  The only specific request was that it be an abstract piece which would  "blow their socks off ".   My guess was that he wanted it to resonate.  It did.  To the tune of well over 300,000 pieces worldwide. The stuff of retail lore.  

As I stare at the original Cordoba, I am taken by the power of art, and how it can transport us in time.  I am humbled by the thought of just how much it has meant to our family, and how rare a privilege it is to continue to pursue it.  I am grateful for all of the collectors and supporters of my work who have made the journey possible.  My obligation is to my art, and as such, to you, my audience.  It has come to my attention that people are "waiting" to see what "Adamo" does next.  

You see, I too am awaiting to see what Adamo does next!  ADAMO is my 9 month old grandson (Adamo Rocco Russo, b. Sept 25, 2017).  Look for his influence to be in all of my future work. It's gonna be amazing!!!!