I'm Still Standin' / by Jonathan Centeno


It is a celebratory atmosphere that hovers over the Big Smoke this week.  It will end with a bang over the weekend with a huge parade.  A parade that celebrates the diversity that is found in humanity.  An inclusive rather than divisive affair, it shouts out "be yourself" to anyone who'll listen.  Barriers are slowly breaking down.  Acceptance is the key to survival for our species, in my opinion.  We are not going to get off this spec of dirt in the cosmos without reigning in our bitter disputes first.  The pioneers in these movements are often forgotten in the long run, but some of them, because of their sheer talent and courage persist.  Some of them, after the long battle, can actually proclaim that they are still standing...….."I'm Still Standin' ", 56x46 mixed media on panel, available through Hazelton Gallery, Yorkville