Jazz Club / by Jonathan Centeno

Jazz Club(sold) 24" x 48" Mixed media on canvas

Jazz Club(sold) 24" x 48" Mixed media on canvas

The music sets the tone for the evening. I and my better half are enjoying a casual dinner at a neighborhood jazz bar that has been highly recommended by the proprietor of a fine Montreal gallery with whom we are happy to do business with (breathe! long sentence, I know).  I never mention names in this space, so trust me, the gallery and the club are worth the trip. 

Although I could not tell a Coltrane from a Baker, I still love what I hear.  So much so that I am going to keep this vibe until I get back into my studio.

  In the sixties, almost all documentaries based on abstract art were set to jazz music.  Cool.  Very cool.  I'm there now, in my mind's eye- feeling the cold concrete of brutalism in the surrounding buildings, interrupted only by the occasional frenetic canvas, strewn across the wall like a random afterthought.  It comforts me.  Modernism is cold-very cold.  Or is it?  When viewed through these older lenses, a strange warmth emerges. I only recall the heat.  The heat of youth.  And you know Picasso emphatically stated that: "Youth has no age".

Jazz Club, 48x24 mixed media on canvas, Sold ( Gallery 133)

It's Spring.  Chill.