La Grande Voglia Dell'Alfa / by Jonathan Centeno

"Toes in the Sand" 40" x 48" mixed media on wood panel

"You and Me by the Sea" 40" x 48" mixed media on wood panel

With today's record high temperatures, spring fever is on everyone's mind. I need my old Alfa back. Or maybe I should get a new one.  Or maybe not. Whatever.  The air is thick with nostalgia today.

My nostalgic pieces, pictured here are done in the same manner as the Icon Series.  They are mixed media on wood, deliberately stressed and varnished in such a way as to evoke feelings brought about when viewing roadside signage in the fifties and sixties.  Whether you were on the way to the beach alone or with a group, the signs seemed to shorten the trip.  By today's standards, they might have, at times seemed politically incorrect.  I believe they were rather free of politics, and more concerned with the moment, and the happiness that could be experienced.  Nonetheless, it sometimes is better to look back through rose-coloured glasses and imagine that it all came up Elvises (ELVII?) and Marilyns.

Let me be the first to wish everyone a truly fabulous PRIMAVERA!




"Toes in the Sand", 40" x 48", "You and me by the Sea" 40"x48" available through Hazelton Galleries, Toronto, Miami