The Golden Girl / by Jonathan Centeno

Golden Girl 56" x 48" mixed media on wood panel.

Golden Girl 56" x 48" mixed media on wood panel.

Sometimes a painting seems to just make its way home.  It appears to have been meant for the space in which it hangs, but more importantly, it seems to have always been in the hearts of its owners. 

Placed above elegantly understated furnishings, Golden Girl infuses the entire space with colour.  The space oozes quiet elegance, and confidence.  This is a home, not just a space. These sophisticated collectors are, quite frankly, not just interested in decorating.  The pieces they choose resonate with them.  The art comes before furnishings, chandeliers and other frivolities.  They are concerned with the 

art in and of itself.  They genuinely feel the intent, and are passionate about their collection.  It is the only way to purchase fine art.  

Sometimes the experience of meeting the collector exceeds all expectations.  Serendipity.  Six degrees of separation.  So much in common.

I am strict about naming names in this space, and will continue to do so, but my art has opened doors to fine people all over this orb.  What is it about an art purchase?  You don't really need it.  

Ordoyou???  Perhaps we see a bit of ourselves in the art we choose.  And that's a good thing indeed.

Many thanks to our new friends,