"Recurring Dream" / by Jonathan Centeno

"Recurring Dream"

I was given the honour of painting a very special piece to figure prominently in the family room of dear friends. They had already commissioned the now famous

"Among the Whites" in the Giardini series. 

I wanted to complement it, but I was given carte blanche, and the result was the piece you see here, in this space.  The reaction by the entire family ( 5 members) was as exciting as it was humbling.  It had hit the mark.  The ethereal nature of the piece, inspired by their birthstones filled their eyes with joy.  Peridot, Sapphire, Emerald, and Opal were the sources of colour, and to some extent, texture.  The deeper inspiration came from my own experience as a father, and as a son, and soon to be grandfather. 

The notion of arriving on this planet as but a moment in time has been with me since childhood.  It has been part of an recurring dream in which the certainty of the continuity of consciousness is revealed.  A most reassuring notion.  I wanted to share this gift with them.

Many thanks.

"Recurring Dream" 48x48, mixed media on canvas, 2017