/ by Jonathan Centeno

Absolute Beginner   46" x 56" Mixed media on wood panel

Absolute Beginner  46" x 56" Mixed media on wood panel

In the composite of the late great artist pictured above, I regarded the project as an honour, and treated it with the respect I believe is appropriate in examining a figure whose work has touched many lives, including my own.  It is never my intent to simply capture or convey, but to work toward a new end, a new image.  The title is from a less popular lyric (Absolute Beginner) but an entirely appropriate one to sum up the true experience in the creation of any work of art.  The blank canvas, or the blank music sheet, or perhaps the raw block of marble- all are daunting, all call the artist to task. The butterflies in one's stomach must accompany the creative process for the magic of art to happen. One should always feel like an absolute beginner.  One should continue to fall in love with one's art, over, and over again.

Many thanks to the collector who now owns the piece, and who, in some ways made it happen.  The piece is in a private collection, and so the privacy of the owner shall be respected.

As for my part in all of this?  I've nothing much to offer.  I'm an absolute Beginner.