Palm Springs Fade

  Palm Springs Fade, 56x46 acrylic on panel  

Palm Springs Fade, 56x46 acrylic on panel 

In the piece "Palm Springs Fade",  the panel has definitely come under some weathering.  The nostalgic colour is reminiscent of a once fresh decade in Palm Springs which has since faded.  Apparently she was discovered there, at the Racquet Club.  As memories fade, they sometimes become gentler, quieter, kinder-more beautiful.  Time is the great enemy-or is it the greatest of friends?  In life, as in wine; aging is a privilege.  So surround your memories with hearts, and if you are lucky enough to always remember, then do so, as often as you can. As the memories fade, tune in to the newly refined colours.  They weren't there in the first place.

They're here now.


Jonathan CentenoComment