/ by Jonathan Centeno

Tempesta D'Amore


     Tempesta D'Amore and Encounters were two pieces from my private collection which is, on an ongoing basis, featured on Saatchi Online Art, under Pietro Adamo, artist.  The pieces in this collection have adorned the walls of our homes, and some still do.  Our lifelong friend, Dawna would stare at two particular works which "spoke" to her, both on a professional and personal level.  As a long time top realtor, it is easy to understand her interest in the moody,atmospheric "Encounters" which hints at possible chance meetings and relationships in the big modern metropolis of today.  The colour, division of space and hint of what I like to refer as "Classic Italian Old Film Elongated Proportion" render this piece in a somewhat romantic light.  That it should wind up in a dear friend's personal collection is deeply rewarding, especially since she virtually examined it whenever she visited our home- and she is a person who definitely knows what she wants.  Again, I want to emphasize that I believe this choice was rooted in her intellectual (very) and professional side. 

    My instinct tells me that Tempesta D'Amore tugged at her heart strings.  Her personal story contains more triumph over adversity that I am at liberty to discuss.  I have no doubt that the sense of optimism that happens as a sudden storm passes, which is suggested in the piece, was a factor in her attraction to Tempesta. I know that the viewer may interpret the ascending forms as anything from horses to dragons but I assure you, there was no intent.  My mood that day in the studio was relaxed, and yes, triumphant.  I had finished an especially tedious commission successfully and felt I needed to move on.  The evening prior I had watched documentaries on Goya, Velasquez, El Greco and the Golden Age of Spanish painting and I recalled my visits to the Prado and to Toledo.

There is no doubt I had a Goya moment in the emotionally charged Tempesta.  Any person familiar with the wildly beautiful brush strokes of Goya can easily spot the influence, even if this work is pure abstraction.  I needed a title- as I stared at the azure, cream, emerald and crimson- but nothing seemed to resonate.  The phone rang.  It was my elderly but still very relevant mother who informed me she had just watched a moving episode of her favourite current soap opera which was titled Tempesta D'Amore.  

Encounters and Tempesta D'Amore are now in the private collection of D. Borg.  I can sleep, knowing that two of my personal favourites are much loved.