Trionfo / by Jonathan Centeno

What's in a name?  What's in a title?  If I wanted to write novels to accompany my paintings, then perhaps I should have chosen to write or to paint with words, as it were. 

But there is something inherently dangerous about painting, especially abstract painting which distinguishes it from the process of creative writing.  The very nature of painting without a preordained direction or intent leaves the artist and his audience vulnerable. It is a record of action.  Sometimes it reveals subliminal thought through this record of action.

In the painting above, a 54x54 canvas (scale is important here) called "Trionfo", there was but one intention at the outset: to make a painting.  That's it.  Nothing more. That it tears a piece of my innermost conviction and hangs it out to dry is a by-product of the process of painting.

It's a chance one takes.  And then you give it a title, if a title becomes apparent.

See what you will see.  I can deny it all I want (after all, I am called Pietro), but there is no denying the art. It's all in there.

Enough said.

See what you will see.