Malaparte: Cielo Rosa / by Jonathan Centeno

The Giardini Series has been a vehicle for transmitting emotion, through colour and texture.  The subject of this blog is the latest in the series.  This one is titled: Malaparte: Cielo Rosa.  The piece came about after October the 14th, the day of my daughter's wedding.  Yes, I am the lucky father who walked the aisle with my beautiful daughter on my arm to "give her away" to a fine young man (I can't think of an elegant way to say this so please forgive me- I also truly feel we have gained another son). Our hopes, dreams and wishes for our children often seem to be at odds with reality, but sometimes, like on October 14th, the stars align.  I could not think of a better way to preserve the intense happiness that we felt  that day as parents than to express it on canvas. The setting was ultra-modern, sophisticated, and in keeping with times- but the truth is, in a very old-fashioned way, two families simply gathered together in celebration of their children's nuptials.  A time-honoured tradition as old as the human race itself.  Is there a better excuse for a party? The weather was perfect, culminating in a rose-coloured sunset sky.  The venue was perfect (Malaparte) but mostly, the protagonists, were and are, perfectly suited for each other.  A lifetime of happiness is definitely written in the stars