Summer in the City (Le Donne, gallery 133) / by Jonathan Centeno

Summer in T.O. has been hot, congested, and crowded because of all the events taking place.  So it's been perfect!  Attitudes and styles are intriguing during our summers in this part of the world.  Beauty is everywhere, and the eyes of the beholders get a daily dose of different and cool, and funky and wild and so on....just like "Le Donne", above. Le Donne are available at Gallery 133 on Castlefield in the design district.
Ask for Vanessa, Janet or Christine.  They are outstanding in their knowledge and appreciation of art and design.  I am proud of my affiliation with Gallery 133.  I first entered their doors in the early 1980's when they were located at Bathurst and King.  Their longevity is a testimony to first-rate service and a deep understanding of the art market.
Drop in to view art in a truly world-class space.
Gallery 133.  Proprietor: Mr. Paul Wise
Enjoy La Dolce Vita (try an espresso on ice, followed by cold lemon water) in Toronto! Tiff and autumn colours are still weeks away!